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ACCO Introduces New Ice-Melt Product: Mag-Melt

We are proud to announce Mag-Melt, our new liquid ice-melt product. Mag-Melt is a 30% magnesium chloride solution that is ideal for the control of ice and snow before, during and after a winter storm. Applying Mag-Melt before a storm prevents snow and ice from bonding to pavement, making for easier removal during and after the storm. Liquid Mag-Melt has many advantages including being safer on vegetation, safer for carpets and flooring, and more effective than regular rock salt.

Mag-Melt is available in a variety of sizes, for a full range of customers. Sizes range from 1 gallon jugs to 275 gallon totes. Mag-Melt is also available in bulk for high volume users. This product is ideal for business owners, property managers, snow removal contractors, and municipalities.

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