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Stenner Pumping Tube Maintenance

The ease of use of Stenner metering pumps makes them an attractive choice for swimming pool application of liquid chlorine and muriatic acid. These peristaltic pumps are self priming at up to 25 feet, and there is no need to worry about vapor lock which commonly occurs when pumping bleach with diaphragm metering pumps.

stenner pump 200pxStenner’s newly designed roller assembly makes for easy pump tube replacement, which can be done in 15 minutes or less. When dealing with corrosive chemicals such as liquid chlorine and muriatic acid, it is important to make sure that pumping tubes are replaced on a routine basis. For seasonal pools we recommend changing your pumping tubes at least yearly, and up to 4 times a year for indoor or high-volume pools. Proper maintenance will help to extend the overall life of the pump.

Stenner has provided some highly informative videos on their videos page detailing aspects of maintaining your Stenner pumps. Here is a video that covers pumping tube replacement as well as other common maintenance procedures that can increase overall pump life.


We will be happy to help you identify which parts you need to get your pump back up and running. Feel free to contact us if you need replacement parts for your Stenner pump, or if you need a pump repaired or replaced.

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