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ACCO Introduces New Ice-Melt Product: Mag-Melt

We are proud to announce Mag-Melt, our new liquid ice-melt product. Mag-Melt is a 30% magnesium chloride solution that is ideal for the control of ice and snow before, during and after a winter storm. Applying Mag-Melt before a storm prevents snow and ice from bonding to pavement, making for easier removal during and after the storm. Liquid Mag-Melt has many advantages including being safer on vegetation, safer for carpets and flooring, and more effective than regular rock salt.

Mag-Melt is available in a variety of sizes, for a full range of customers. Sizes range from 1 gallon jugs to 275 gallon totes. Mag-Melt is also available in bulk for high volume users. This product is ideal for business owners, property managers, snow removal contractors, and municipalities.

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Mag-Melt Brochure

New ADA Guidelines for Commercial Pools

The deadline for ADA compliance is March 15th, 2012.

ACCO can help your facility become compliant. Here is what we have to offer:

Equipment Sales

All of our access equipment is available for direct purchase. We also provide custom rails for ramp and transfer wall construction.

Turn-Key Service

We offer complete solutions for pool and spa access. Our turn-key service includes everything from consultation to installation and training. We will help you assess the available options and develop a solution that works best for your facility.