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Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials speak to our customer dedication and to the expertise of our sales staff and technicians.

The ACCO Bulk System

"Everything happened like ACCO promised, no smoke or mirrors! We saved what they said we would and it was easier. The decision to stay with them was a No Brainer."

—Chris Clarken, Humboldt Aquatics

"This is so much safer for the more holding our breath—even with masks on—to add chlorine briquettes to the sludge pot! My pool costs have lowered and I have less work to maintain the system!"

—Dean Berkland, Boone Community Schools

"The city saved thousands of dollars in chemical costs, but the real savings to me was the reduced labor hours with the ACCO feeder cleaning, refilling or being called to the pool on weekends... It's a No Brainer."

—Junior Boyer, Calmar Municipal Pool

"The Water Park saved over $10,000 on chemical costs"

—Gary Bertch, Lost Island Water Park, Waterloo, IA

"The ease of use of and elimination of clogged feeders made it a great switch for our facility. The cost savings in man hours and the actual cost of the product was certainly a plus as well. We have been completely satisfied with the switch over to liquid chlorine."

—Dan Haynes, Nishna Valley Family YMCA

CPO Course

"I just wanted to let you know what a great job Chris Gibson did with the CPO class that I attended here a couple weeks ago. I have taken it 3 or 4 times and he is just heads above everybody else. He got his materials out to the people in a manner that everybody understood, he had a wonderful workbook packet that took us step by step where we needed to go, and he made everybody understand it so I thought I would let you know that I am really impressed with him, what he's done, and your whole outfit."

—Peg Bell, Algona Parks & Recreation

Sales Staff

Doug, my representative is a great guy. He can always answer questions. I appreciate service like that and people who really, really know what they are doing. Thanks.

—Peg Bell, Algona Parks & Recreation

Pool Moss

“We were looking for something that could provide our swimmers with a safe environment without the smell, itching, eye irritation and surface gasses that cause coughing. We were pleasantly surprised to see a huge improvement in less than 7 days and the complaints from the swimmers disappeared. What a great improvement! We also found out after a couple months that we were saving a lot of money with lower chemical usage. Our water clarity is tremendous and the working environment for the coaches has improved 100%!”

—Mark Crouch, Swim Coach, Dowling Catholic High School